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3 signs TDD is not helping you and what to do about it

At first sight, Test-Driven Development (TDD) seems like it comes from a magical place where requirements are clear, determined in advance and never change...

— Dec 30, 2023

No, TDD does not mean you have to know everything in advance

Test-Driven Development (TDD) means you write tests first before you write the implementation. It sounds simple enough, but in practice you feel like this only works for rockstar developers...

— Sep 19, 2023

3 underrated things great developers do

People are attracted to sexy, complex-sounding things because it's cool to talk about them, and they can act like it's going to fix all of their problems....

— Nov 28, 2022

Automatic HTTPS for all your development servers

Every developer gets into a situation from time to time, where you're developing a new feature, all the tests pass, you run the application, test everything thoroughly, the result looks great! So you push the code, it gets deployed and... it doesn't work. What the hell is going on?! It works on my machine! ...

— Oct 24, 2022

Avoid the pain of mocking modules with dependency injection

When you're unit testing, there is no way around it, from time to time you'll need mocking...

— Sep 18, 2022

Composing Software by Eric Elliot, what you need to know

Functional programming (FP) is a big deal in the Javascript community. It's one of the fundamentals of building good software and great to learn if you want to grow as a developer...

— Sep 4, 2022

Is clean code even worth the effort?

Did you ever spend a lot of time cleaning, refactoring, testing and documenting your code, you're proud of the result, and then... nobody notices?

— Aug 22, 2022

4 tips to understand your code 4 months from now

As software developers, we've all been there. You're writing some code, you know it's dirty, but the deadline's coming closer, and you go "it's working now, I'll just refactor it later", and we all know how that turns out...

— Jul 31, 2022

How to grow as a developer without getting overwhelmed

So you would like to grow as a developer? Great! There's a lot of good information out there. But there is so much! You can feel like there's a massive mountain of things to learn, and you don't know if you have time to even scratch the surface...

— Jul 5, 2022

Is object-oriented programming (OOP) dead in frontend development?

If you're following frontend experts on social media, you hear a lot about how great (reactive) functional programming (FP or RFP for short) is for frontend development. Or even that object-oriented programming (OOP) is bad and that we should no longer use it. Then you go to your day job, you're doing OOP and you feel like you're the only one on Earth still using it...

— Jun 13, 2022

Implementing HTTP Streaming with Node.js and Fetch API

When your webapp has a large amount of data to visualize, you don't want your users to wait 10 seconds before seeing something. One technique that is often overlooked is HTTP streaming. It's broadly supported, works well, and doesn't require fancy libraries....

— Apr 27, 2022